Management Consulting Service includes

Process Efficiency;
Performance Management;
Financial Management;
EU Investment Management and Administration;
Internal Financial and Processes Efficiency Audit;
Performance Assessment;
Risk Management;
Non-financial Reporting;
Business strategy;
Road mapping actions;
Implementing development steps and vital improvements;
Measuring, monitoring and reporting progress.

Marketing & Sales Service includes

Brand Strategy;
Marketing strategy;
Product & Portfolio Management;
Go-to-Market Strategy;
Consumer Sales & Ecosystem;
Sales Management;
Customer Insights & Segmentation;
Pricing Optimization & Market price evaluations;
Scope evaluations;
Indicative budgets;
Scope based cost calculations.

Procurement & Sourcing Service includes

Procurement & Sourcing strategy and consulting services;
Procurement & Sourcing executive advisory;
Procurement & Sourcing benchmarking;
Contract management administration;
Third-party risk management;
Supplier relationship management;
Supplier audits;
Purchase Requisitions;
Requests for Quotations;
Budget Validations;
Product Management;
Document Management.

Special Services

Internal Audits

Our Team provides assessment of adequacy and effectiveness of corporate management, risk management and business control of all processes within company.

Investment Advisory

Our Team provides investment recommendations or conducting analysis of new markets in profitability. Support and guidance in preparation and performance of investment projects.

Financial Crisis & Restructuring Process Advisory

Restructuring – formal or informal – is not easy. It’s not about striking deals and doing paperwork. It requires deep experience working with retailers, suppliers, landlords, investors and financial backers. It also requires an understanding of what success looks like and requires a keen insight into the trends and challenges driving changes in the markets today.
Our Team focus on bringing their clients the very best ideas, relationships, tools, and services to your unique situation.

ERP Implementation Advisory

Our Team provides ERP implementation guidance, including discovery and planning, design, development, testing, deployment and support.

Projects Technical Advisory

Our Team provides clients with the deep technical expertise they require to ensure projects and ongoing operations are safe and fit for service, irrespective of scale, complexity, or location.


Our Team combines all needed skills to manage medium and big size company. We gained solid professional experience and able to support clients on each step of their business. We are using all needed methods and tools for our clients’ projects, e.g. project management methodology, change management methodology, bench-marking, SWOT, balanced scorecard, core competencies, etc.
There is no too challenging issue for us. We are ready to help our clients and share our knowledge in professional and effective way.

35 Years Experience

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