Outsourcing Sales and Marketing

Exactly What You Need In The Go-To-Market Stage

What Does Outsourced Sales And Marketing Mean?

As an outsourced sales and marketing service provider MARINATOR helps businesses generate leads and build relationships with prospects in a sales pipeline to take advantage of lead-generation strategies to maximize our customers’ ROI.

Why To Select Outsourced Sales And Marketing?

As a growing business, you need all the resources you can get to keep up with day-to-day operations. Using an outsourced sales and marketing firm allows you to prioritize what you do best—run a successful business.
Hiring an outsourced sales and marketing firm allows your internal sales or account executives to focus more on closing deals and producing alternative sales tactics to generate more business.
Many businesses decide to outsource their B2B sales efforts for various reasons, including a lack of resources, expertise, and workforce to expand their sales functions. Here are some reasons that many businesses consider outsourcing sales:
Having a small team: When you have a small sales team, they may not be able to handle the high number of leads generated. By outsourcing, your team can focus on selling to potential customers rather than generating leads.
Growing in new markets: If you want to grow in new regions and markets or pitch new services, an outsourced sales and marketing firm can help you test out new tactics without wasting your internal team’s time if they don’t work or resonate with prospects.
Company budget constraints: Money plays a significant factor when deciding how to approach your sales and marketing efforts. Many companies don’t have the financial resources to hire top-performing sales experts which is why they consider outsourcing.
Not obtaining the resources: Similar to budget restraints, many B2B companies also don’t have the resources to have a successful sales and marketing program. By outsourcing, you have access to all the latest sales tools and technologies to optimize your sales process.
Task overload: When your internal sales team is caught up selling, they have a tough time focusing on generating new business opportunities. When you outsource, the only thing your internal team needs to prioritize is closing business deals.
Not sure if sales outsourcing is the best approach to your business growth efforts? Contact us and let’s discuss.

Why Us?

Our flexible, team approach adapts to your organization’s sales and marketing needs. Whether it’s entering new international markets or establishing regional sales footing, MARINATOR has the experience you need.
We utilize our proven go-to-market approach to establish a flexible outsourced team that gets you results.
Our expertise in the go-to-market stage and situation-based approach to outsourced sales helps you accelerate your business for scale, optimize your sales efforts, and develop repeatable and sustainable revenue.